* In the Beginning

Our Story

Our Background.

Throughout much of my adult life, I indulged in excessive diet soda consumption, neglecting the importance of water. I liked sweet and found plain water uninteresting. However, when I decided to quit soda, and needed a satisfying alternative.

AHA! Fast forward to a skiing trip in Colorado where dehydration struck. I couldn’t help but wonder, “Why isn’t there a water with delightful flavors—no calories or sweeteners—that also rejuvenates?”

That’s when WaterFix was born. No investors. No advertising agency. No prior experience in the beverage industry. No adherence to the conventional “sweetener” norms.


Our Why.

To empower women to unleash their awesomeness!

On my journey, I’ve encountered countless WaterFix enthusiasts. These women manage bustling households, contribute to volunteer efforts, or pursue successful careers. WaterFix has become their daily go-to.

They choose WaterFix because it’s “delicious and…”

– “eliminates afternoon fatigue, boosting productivity at work.”

– “curbs sweet cravings, supporting a healthy lifestyle.”

– “replaces a daily soda, contributing to overall well-being.”

The common thread among WaterFix enthusiasts? They are undeniably awesome.


WaterFix. Unleash your awesomeness.

Dana Dreves, Chicagoland MOMpreneur

Dana Dreves Founder CraftWater