The WaterFix® Story

I was hooked on the fizz and artificial sweetness of diet sodas, indifferent to water. The simplicity of water failed to capture my interest until the day I decided to break free from soda and look for a more satisfying alternative.

Then, while skiing in Colorado, dehydration struck like a bolt of inspiration. An epiphany, a resounding AHA! moment echoed through my mind: “Why isn’t there an electrolyte water with amazing flavors—and no calories, no sweeteners, just deliciousness?”

The WaterFix story unfolded. No investors, no advertising agency, and certainly no prior experience in the beverage industry; I refused to conform to the conventional “sweetener” norms. WaterFix was to be a game-changer, a beverage movement.

Our mission extended beyond crafting a delicious drink; it was a call to empower women to unleash their awesomeness. Along my journey, I encountered amazing WaterFix enthusiasts—mostly women who juggle bustling households, volunteer, or are soaring through successful careers. WaterFix has become more than a casual beverage; it has become their daily ally, their daily go-to.

As expected, the WaterFix journey hasn’t been a leisurely stroll in the park—entrepreneurship seldom is. Our journey has been a maze of hurdles requiring resilience. We’ve successfully navigated through them and are excited about the direction we’re heading.

Today we are WaterFix … a water enhancer. A beverage experience tailored to your desires. This isn’t just a beverage; it’s on-the-go deliciousness and better for the environment.

Be a part of our story. We invite you to embrace WaterFix as your daily companion—a delicious addition to your everyday routine. We hope each sip reminds you of the immense gratitude we hold for your support. Here’s to the next chapter! 

– Dana, Chicagoland MOMpreneur.