Ready to Feel Amazing?

Thursday, March 8th, 2018 WaterFix Announcements Comments
Great hydration

On days when you feel amazing. Do you feel….

  • Highly energetic?
  • Incredibly productive?
  • Perhaps your skin is glowing?

Now think if the opposite. Are you feel fatigued, sluggish, and your skin is dull?

Water is Your Best Friend!

We all know water is an important part of our diet. Did you know “water makes up about 60% of who we are, and influences 100% of the processes in our body,” says hydration enthusiast Dana Dreves. It makes sense that we feel better – feel amazing – when we drink enough water!

Benefits of Great Hydration

Great hydration

Don’t Forget Electrolytes!

Water is ½ of the solution to great hydration. The other ½ is electrolytes. Electrolytes are the minerals in our body that direct water and nutrients to the areas of the body where they are needed most. Important for premium hydration.

“Electrolytes, for the body, are like motor oil for an engine – absolutely necessary to keep your body running smoothly.”

Key Electrolytes

Key electrolytes

Key electrolytes

The Bummer is Most Electrolyte Drinks Are Too Sweet

For most people, flavored electrolyte beverages are just too sweet. That’s a bummer, because electrolytes are important for hydration and necessary for your body to perform well. Good news is – we crafted your ideal hydration beverage – CraftWater. Refreshingly delicious. Truly hydrating.

Check out the video on why I created CraftWater.


Ready to feel amazing? Drink More Water – And Replenish Your Electrolytes

Here are a few tips to help you drink more water.

  1. Schedule it. Don’t wait to drink until you are thirsty.
  2. Chug a glass before every meal
  3. Choose water (or CraftWater) over soda

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