Meet Liz. Online shopper, old TV show buff, and CraftWater drinker.

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 WaterFix Announcements Comments

My days are filled running a household, entertaining kids, and finding ways to get things done more quickly so I can get a few moments to myself.

I relax and rejuvenate by watching shows like Beverly Hills 90210 while doing as many “errands” online as possible. I love the CraftWater subscription service.  I don’t have to think “ahhh! I have to order more CraftWater.” I just get 2 cases delivered to my door once a month.

I drink CraftWater because it is delicious! I can’t find anything like it. My daughter loves CraftWater popsicles – no sugar, no sticky mess. My husband can’t stop drinking it for the electrolytes.

I’m Liz. Mom, old TV show buff, and CraftWater drinker.

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