Hello Fall!

Thursday, October 18th, 2018 WaterFix Announcements Comments

Goodbye summer. Hello Fall!

Frustrated that your hands are rougher, your skin isn’t as soft and, even your hair isn’t as shiny as they were this summer? 

Truth is…as temperatures begin to drop, the air becomes drier and our bodies receive less moisture than they do during warmer months.

Major reason? Simple. We tend to stop drinking as much water in the cooler months.  

During the summer, it is easy to keep up with our water intake; our bodies’ thirst is a side effect of the heat and very few of us can go several hours without being thirsty.

craftwater can help you “get in your water!”

And that’s a reason to celebrate.

craftwater. The perfect alternative to the sweetened beverages you used to drink and the plain water you’re trying to drink. 

hydrate and rejuvenate. Give your day an “Oh Yay!”

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