For years I just didn’t care.

Tuesday, June 18th, 2019 Articles and mentions Comments
For years I just didn’t care. I drank a ton of soda – Diet Mountain Dew was my vice – and I loved it. Family, friends, colleagues…all constantly told me how bad it was for me. Intellectually I knew it. But I didn’t have a replacement. 

I didn’t like tea. Plain water got boring after a glass or two. And…by the middle of the afternoon I needed the caffeine boost to get me through the day. The Dew to the rescue. 

Fast forward to 3ish years ago – I gave up the Dew cold turkey. It was really hard for a few weeks. Really hard. I still didn’t have a replacement – but knew I needed to give up the Dew. Today I realize my afternoon fatigue was dehydration.

Fatigue is a symptom of dehydration. I still have coffee in the am – love it. But I also hydrate first thing in the am, and throughout the afternoon. Weaving in craftwater, I believe, helps my regular water work harder for my body and eliminates the afternoon fatigue. And.. I feel better. No caffeine crash. 

For those you who hydrate and get on with your day…cheers to you! 

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