Crazy Busy?

Let’s face it. All of us are crazy busy. Work, family, friends, volunteer commitments, and hopefully a workout more often than not. The more we do – the less we focus on things that are good for us…like staying well hydrated.  Ok – most of us get in a glass or 2 of water. But […]

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For years I just didn’t care.

For years I just didn’t care. I drank a ton of soda – Diet Mountain Dew was my vice – and I loved it. Family, friends, colleagues…all constantly told me how bad it was for me. Intellectually I knew it. But I didn’t have a replacement.  I didn’t like tea. Plain water got boring after a […]

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Why did I (a mom from the Chicago suburbs) jump into the highly competitive beverage industry? Crazy I know.  Here’s why. 

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Daily Self-care – or – a Treat?

Do you think of craftwater as daily self-care – or – a treat?  I hear both from women as I deliver their monthly subscription.  No matter how you think about craftwater – please know we can make it easy to enjoy craftwater however you want!

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