Water Facts

Premium Flavors

June 21st, 2017 Water Facts Comments

Premium Flavors

WaterFix begins with premium flavors. This is what gives it its delicious taste and aroma, eliminating the need for any sweeteners.

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Meaningful Electrolytes

June 19th, 2017 Water Facts Comments

Meaningful Electrolytes

WaterFix incorporates essential electrolytes. These are the ones that you may lose with inadequate hydration, intense exercise, or after indulging in a few too many adult beverages – and leave you feeling ugh.

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None of This Stuff

December 8th, 2015 Water Facts Comments

None of This Stuff

We excluded these ingredients because, frankly, we’re not fans, and we heard you aren’t either.

No Sugar.

No Sweetener (of any kind).

No Calories.


No Grain.

No Gluten.

The absence of these ingredients sets WaterFix apart.

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